Welcome to Room 10!

This is our video portal for math tutorials and other learning videos.

We are a middle school math classroom from Michigan. We produce learning videos and post them here to help other students!

See What We Learned From Branding Our Classroom.

This project is funded by MACUL and you can read more about it on this blog.

**We just added a page of Pro-Tips for Prodigy. Our students love the Prodigy Game and they started making videos about problems they initially found difficult. Be sure to fill out the feedback on the Pro-Tip page if you watch our videos. It helps us improve!

Here is our latest Learning Chat from students. Kailee and Laura show how they think about division.

Our other learning chats can be found in the menu above. We have videos created by students and teachers. Most of our videos also include questions to ask before viewing and some have additional resources.

Our most popular video so far is this one from Mr. Petty and Mrs. June. You can see parts 2 and 3 on our Learning Chats by Teachers page.

And the second part was finished recently.