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Interested in Replicating This Project?

Mike Petty is documenting it on his Classroom Games and Tech blog. This post is a good starting point.

Digital Posters for Slides or Printing

Use these images to remind students of important ideas for learning.

Digital poster - I was not hired to think for you. My job is to help you learn to think for yourself.
That one is based on a tweet from Alice Keeler. Be sure to follow her on Twitter if you don't already!

If you want a copy of the poster you can edit in Google Drawings to make it personal for your students, click here.

And I developed this one while watching students learn and prepare for recording video tutorials: 
This digital poster shows the four levels of understanding for learning.


The following posters are from our Learning Journey video. You can download a Google Slides summary that includes these and more here.

This digital poster shows the 3 Big Questions from our Learning Journey series of videos.


Some of our favorite quotes and sayings:

This digital poster for teachers is a quote from Seth Godin about the purpose of education.